Soil treatment with chlorine-containing hydrocarbons

Soil treatment with chlorine-containing hydrocarbonsSoil treatment with chlorine-containing hydrocarbons (DDT) can lead to their ingestion. A significant part of chemical compounds loses its toxicity in the body as a result of conversion into negative metabolites under the action of liver enzymes or is eliminated from the body. The rate of neutralization of toxic

Modern directions

Modern directionsIn the 50-60s. XX century. The revision of the effective forces of evolutionary change has been modified, which can be traced by the example of the types of development models used by historians who have studied culture. Migration, diffusion and convergence merged into one new concept.

Aging, its nature and mechanisms

Aging, its nature and mechanismsAging is a physiological process, accompanied by naturally occurring age-related changes in the body, the nature of which is hereditarily programmed. These changes extend to the physiological mechanisms of regulation of homeostasis, limiting the adaptation-compensatory reactions of the body. As a result

Effect of ionizing radiation on the body

Effect of ionizing radiation on the bodyThe radiation situation that arose on the territory of Belarus as a result of the accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant turned to the study of the influence of ionizing radiation on the body and biomedical radiation.

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