Modern ideas about the constitution

Modern ideas about the constitutionThe problem of the constitution is among the most debatable, which is connected with the ambiguity and lack of certainty of the concept itself. At the same time, all scientists agree that the constitution is a fundamental biological characteristic of the whole organism. Principle

Two opinions on the influence of the cyclical nature of solar activity

Two opinions on the influence of the cyclical nature of solar activitySome scientists associate the cyclical nature of the Sun with the internal processes occurring in the luminary itself, others consider the influence of the planets as the main factors of change, which can induce


DistributionThe production and use of goods and materials is often associated with another process of the economic system — the distribution of benefits among various social groups.

Such a distribution may include:

¦ mutual exchange;


Morphological aspects of the constitution: the principles of & nbsp; and the criteria for the selection of constitutional types

Morphological aspects of the constitution: principles and criteria for the allocation of constitutional typesUntil relatively recently, the morphological aspect of the constitution was mainly developed in biology, anthropology, and medicine. Essentially, the constitution was identified

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