Environmental Aspects of the Constitution

Environmental Aspects of the ConstitutionThe influence of ecology on the constitution of man. The concept of adaptive ecological types. Until the mid-twentieth century, studies on constitutional science were mainly conducted in three areas: firstly,

Division of labor

Division of laborThe division of labor is one of the factors of the production process and the production of goods. It gives a lot of difficulties in the reconstruction, based on archaeological sources. This is especially true of homogeneous communities, such

Ecological aspects of health and disease

Ecological aspects of health and diseaseKnowledge of what is harmful to human health and what protects it, accumulated throughout the history of mankind. Thanks to popular observation, the connection between phenomena that were later established by scientific medicine has long been noticed. Relationship problem

In animals, adaptation occurs.

In animals, adaptation occurs.In animals, adaptation occurs only at the biological level. This is reflected in a change in the structure and function of organs and body systems, as well as in behavior. Structural and functional changes are manifested in changes in the corresponding functional and biochemical parameters - vital capacity.

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