Gracile Australopithecus found in Eastern

Gracile Australopithecus found in EasternGracile Australopithecus found in both East and South Africa. Recent finds of remains of this species date back 0.7 million years ago. It is believed that at about this time they disappeared, but, before that, a branch of the species separated from their East African branch Homohuman branch.


Despite signs of primitiveness, massive Australopithecines

Despite signs of primitiveness, massive AustralopithecinesDespite the signs of primitiveness, massive Australopithecus, like all other known hominids, were adapted to the erect walk as usual

By the middle of the Pliocene fossil hominid finds

By the middle of the Pliocene fossil hominid findsBy the mid-Pliocene, fossil hominid finds are more common. They belong to the period from 3 to 1.8 million years ago and were discovered in the territory of Eastern and Southern Africa. These, as well as later sites, moving from the Pliocene to the Pleistocene, indicate that about 2 million years ago

Pliocene hominids

Pliocene hominidsHominid bone residues generally begin to appear about 5 million years ago (see Fig. 3). The earliest locations (Fig. 5) are Tabarin near Lake Baringo in Kenya, where the jaw, apparently belonging to the fossil hominid that lived about 4.9 million years ago (Hill, 1985), and Lotag on the western the shore of Lake Turkana. However most

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