Hominization factors

Hominization factorsAs the most likely factors of hominization, the following are most often considered:

one) High levels of radiation in the habitat of hominid ancestors. Radiation

Paleontology in reality

Paleontology in realityPalaeontology actually seems to give signs of both kinds: for a long time they find the remains of creatures that are not different from each other, and suddenly new ones appear, very different from the first, sometimes existing with them at the same time, even in the same territory. Then the remains

It’s much harder to hide in the savannah

It’s much harder to hide in the savannahIt is much more difficult to hide in the savannah than in the forest. It is necessary to remember the nearest shelters and the shortest paths to them, to be able to take advantage of the gregarious lifestyle and any improvised means for scaring

Problems of studying hominization

Problems of studying hominizationHominization is the process of humanization of the ape-like ancestor of man, which began with the acquisition of the first specific human traits and ended with the advent of man of the modern type.

The appearance of the first hominid is associated with a natural cataclysm that occurred in the middle of the Miocene on the territory corresponding to the current

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