Bank Points Overviews

Wings of the Points — UR/TYP/MR/SPG/Marriott Points to Miles Transfer Chart (2017.11 Update: Added TYP->AV)

2017.11 Update: Citi TYP added a new transfer partner: Avianca (AV) (Star Alliance), and the transfer ratio is 1:1. Usage Move your mouse over the point name or airline name to highlight transfer relationships. Move your mouse over any line connecting a point and a mile to see the transfer ratio. The airlines are grouped by alliances. You can use…
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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words: What Are Merrill+, FlexPerks, UBS Points Worth?

(Repost because of the news of the Merrill+ credit card.) The redemption structure Merrill+, FlexPerks, UBS points are all based on tiers. If we look at the official description, it may be difficult to get an intuitive points value. A picture is worth a thousand words, let me show you the picture! Merrill+ Points Value Currently basically only the Merrill+ Visa Signature can earn Merrill+ Points. The…
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