Biological development of modern man

Biological development of modern manForecast of further development Reasonable person as a species is one of the most difficult complex problems of modern anthropology. Human development  involves the realization of the potential inherent in the genes to physical, intellectual and emotional development. We will deal only with changes in the physical type of a person, since consideration of the last two aspects requires special knowledge and training.

Evidence from paleontology and evolutionary anatomy suggests that the species Reasonable man exists without significant changes for 150–200 thousand years. In different periods, however, fluctuations were observed in the average values ​​of some indicators, such as height, head shape, brain mass, age of physical and puberty, and others. However, so far there is no reason to talk about changes in the species complex Reasonable personas a significant part of the changes occurring in the human population is cyclical and not equally represented in different social, national and territorial groups.

At present, these changes are not considered as links of the evolutionary process, but as phases of oscillations, covering the present epoch or periods preceding it. By the way, scientists have discovered the parallelism of "epochal changes" in the size and massiveness of the skeleton of humans and animals, such as elk, wild boar, roe deer, cattle, domestic cat and others.