Плейстоценовые гоминиды

Плейстоценовые гоминидыAt the beginning of the Pleistocene, hominids were characterized by the greatest diversity than ever before or after this: massive and gracile Australopithecus coexisted in Africa, as well as early members of the genus Noo - Man skilled. However, in the early pleistocene  Two important events occurred. First of all, about 1.6 million years ago, the Skillful Man succeeded Man erect or straightened (No Erectus) and, secondly, about 1 million years ago, Australopithecines died out.

Appearance of the erect homo, or Arhantropa (ancient man), was the next stage of hominization after the Skillful Man. The man straightened out was the first hominid to go beyond the current sub-Sahara. Material culture and a pronounced sociality allowed him to quickly and efficiently settle throughout the territory of Africa and Eurasia and master a vast area that is diverse in terms of climate (Fig. 7). Indeed, the tools of labor of arkhantropov were more progressive than those of a Skillful Man, and the brain mass (880–1100 g) clearly exceeded the minimum mass (750 g), at which speech may exist. The presence of speech centers, which arose for the first time in Skillful Man, suggests the development of a second signal system.

Outwardly, the Man straightened out was very similar to the Reasonable Man, his Neanderthal branch. The structure of the body is actually no different from the structure of the body of a modern person. The number of primitive morphological features of a Straightened Man can be attributed to the structural features of the skull: it was thick-walled, long, low set, with a bony bulge in the back, with a sloping forehead, thick supraorbital ridges. Its front part was flat, pushed forward, with thick walls with large protruding jaws, and there was no chin protrusion.

There are three groups. It isRЕctue: inhabited in Europe, Asia and Africa. For a long time, Asian representatives from Indonesia and East China were considered the oldest archangels. Pitecantrop (monkeyman, the name has been preserved from the time when this species was considered intermediate between monkeys and man) and Synantrop (Chinese man). However, the finds of recent years in Israel (1982) and Kenya (1984), dating back 2 and 1.6 million years, respectively, accompanied by elements of material culture and signs of the use of fire, showed that the arogenous evolution of hominids occurred on the African continent and in the Middle East . This allowed us to link the origin It isRЕсYour with East African Forms of a Skilled Man.