Introducing US Credit Card Guide App for iOS & Android

We finally made our own mobile App!!!

I believe that many readers have experienced the following problems: how to get notified of big deals which may only last for a few hours? How to effectively and efficiently manage credit cards when you have a lot of cards? When to ask for retention offers before paying an annual fee? When you can churn a credit card for sign-up bonus? When you are not restricted by Chase 5/24 rule?

Now they are no longer problems.

Introducing US Credit Card Guide App, which we developed to resolve these issues. Let’s take a look at the major features of our App.

Blog Reader

As an App developed by US Credit Card Guide, being able to read our articles is the basic feature 🙂

We designed the App with enhanced mobile reading experience. For example, you can swipe right to go back, making it convenient to operate with single hand. Moreover, you can easily share articles to other Apps such as Message, Facebook and WeChat by clicking the share button at the upper right corner.

If you don’t see a third-party App in the share menu, please click on the “More” button at the end and enable the App you want to use.

Push Notification for Big Deals and Post Updates

Lots of big deals only last for a few hours, such as CSR 100k link without 5/24 rule, Amex Platinum 100k link. We immediately posted these news in our blog but many people still missed them. With our App, you can choose to receive push notifications for big deals and breaking news and never miss any big deals! In addition, you can choose to receive push notifications for credit card sign-up bonus change as well as post updates (but don’t check them if you don’t want to get addicted!). We strongly recommend you to check at least breaking news.

Manage Credit Cards

You should definitely try our App if you have many credit cards to manage.

Simply enter the credit cards you currently have (or have had before), and you will get notified 30 days before anniversary for cards with an annual fee. That’s about the time to consider if you want to keep the card, or close it, or convert it, or ask for retention offers.

Our App will also show you whether you are eligible for sign-up bonus when you apply for or churn a card based on the information you provide. For those ineligible cards, you can see the specific reasons, and when you are eligible for the bonus (again).

Our App takes product change into consideration. See the “From Product Change” (not counted towards 5/24 rule) or “Is Closed or Changed to Another Product” options when adding a credit card.

If you have a card not listed in the App, you can select “Others” in bank and “Others” in Credit Card, and then put in the card name for reference. Do not enter wrong information, otherwise you will end up with wrong results.

Our App will give you more accurate results as you provide more complete information. So please try to find or remember as much as information possible. You can find most of the information in your credit report (see How To Get Free Credit Reports And Scores if you don’t know how to get free credit report). Product change history is a little bit hard to get, but you can get a good estimation from the card expiration date or annual fee due date (sometimes also partial charge or partial refund date).

What? You ask me why you don’t see the sign up bonus amount in your App? Try to enter “show me the money” in Management Credit Cards -> Sign-up Bonus -> search box.

Backup Data Across Devices and Platforms

You want to change your phone but don’t want to enter those information again? Don’t worry, that’s why we have the advanced cloud backup feature. Restore all your data on another device or even another platform without any pain.

More Features

Above are the main features of our current App. If you would like more features, please leave a comment below. We will be adding more features based on your feedback.

At The End

Just like we made , we made this App hoping to make life easier by bringing in technology. If you like it, don’t forget to leave a review in App Store or Google Play. We really appreciate your support.

How to Download

Method 1: if you are reading this on your phone, simply click the corresponding links below to download.

Method 2: search for “humanslife” on App Store (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android).

Method 3: if you are reading this on a computer, you can scan the QR code below with your phone to download.

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