Problems of sociocultural knowledge of man


TransportWithout the transport of goods, without transport, trade exchange could not exist.

For archaeological research, it is important which transport was used. For example, written sources provide an opportunity to ascertain that in Mesopotamia for a long time, animals were not used, while among many other ancient civilizations

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Reconstruction of the laws of exchange

Reconstruction of the laws of exchangeThe reconstruction of the laws of exchange can also bring information about such phenomena as social inequality, the structure of the political system, as well as many others.

One of such examples relating to the Americas is the attempt of G. Tortellot and D. Sabloff (1972) to explain the socio-political

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DistributionThe production and use of goods and materials is often associated with another process of the economic system — the distribution of benefits among various social groups.

Such a distribution may include:

¦ mutual exchange;


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Housewares and consumer goods

Housewares and consumer goodsHousehold items can be recreated thanks to several types of sources. This can be done by analyzing the drawings left by the prehistoric artists. Based on extraordinary

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